Higher Administration Effectiveness

Higher Administration Effectiveness

AdvancedQueue enables you to better manage your assets and take decisions about which staff part more able to react to a client's demand as fast as possible. It also gives you a focal reporting framework that combines the execution of branches under a single umbrella.

With the solutions AdvancedQueue provides, you have constant access to execution measurements such as client flow, hold up time, normal administration time and employee efficiency.

Avision additionally includes a shrewd Management Information System (MIS) that introduces the KPIs in graphical representations, giving brief business knowledge to streamlining your operations.

With the status reports generated by AdvancedQueue, you get information to set and track new KPIs. Furthermore you get inputs such as branch execution, client's profitable input and better your business procedure.

AdvancedQueue enables you to provide better, enhanced services that would increase the value you have by your clients.