Key Components


The AdvancedQueue hardaware comprises of the Self-Avail Ticketing Kiosk, Status Exhibit Unit (SDU), Counter Exhibit Unit (LED CDU), Calling Contrivance, and a Controller and Hub. The main advantage of the hardware is that it can be customized at all stages. It can be customized to match the colour of your interiors. They are additionally available in different models, shapes and sizes that match the individual requisites of your branch/center.

The Ticketing Kiosk dispenses tickets to customers based on their requirement and prioritizes according to the customer category and purpose of visit. The SDUs have customizable screen templates which can be used for various communication and engaging visuals in addition to status notification exhibition. The CDU can be wall mounted or desk mounted. It exhibit preset messages when turned off.

The controller and hub comprising the server offers flexibility and connectivity in all environments and provides a single window for all queue management functions.